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Poverty Encounter is an award-winning experience offering FREE virtual field trips to schools. Through compelling stories and engaging dialogue, students will deepen their understanding of global poverty while developing greater empathy and compassion for those who are suffering. This interactive tour shares biblical ways they can respond and show God’s love to those in need. Register for a virtual field trip below.

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Want more? After the 60-minute virtual field trip of Poverty Encounter, enroll in our FREE School Partnership Program to help your students build upon their knowledge. The program includes live instruction from a Poverty Encounter facilitator and captivating videos centered on themes such as hunger, injustice, and poverty in America. Student activities, lesson plans, and educator resources are also included. Download the flyer for more details!

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Poverty Encounter is an initiative of Children’s Hunger Fund. Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) delivers food and other aid to 25 countries worldwide. Food Paks are provided to local churches for delivery to the homes of children and families in need in their neighborhoods. This opens the door to relationships and sharing the gospel message of hope. CHF has distribution centers in Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Dallas. For more information about Children’s Hunger Fund visit:

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