Poverty Encounter can accommodate any size homeschool, public school, or private school students in grades PreK through college! Through this immersive and educational field trip, your students’ eyes will be opened to living conditions around the world. All groups will have an opportunity to serve those in need.

A Note for Educators:

The scope of Poverty Encounter is intended to provide guests with an introduction to the realities of children living in poverty and a biblical response to poverty, as well as an opportunity to take action to help those in need. Questions related to issues outside of the intended scope (for example, politics, environmental concerns, etc.) will be referred to the teacher or school leadership.


Pastors and church leaders can reserve a full day for their congregation, or visit in smaller groups such as Life Groups, Bible study groups, missions teams, and youth groups. Hearts will be softened as guests hear of God’s love for the poor, and the biblical response to suffering.  


Troop leaders enjoy not only the educational aspect of Poverty Encounter, but the hands-on food packing activity as well. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Trail Life USA, and American Heritage Girls can purchase a patch in our Poverty Encounter Gift Shop. Summer camps and after-school programs are also welcome!


Tours can accommodate up to 15 guests per tour, so book a visit to Poverty Encounter to participate in this heart-changing experience alongside your friends and family.


Does your company practice corporate social responsibility?  Poverty Encounter is the perfect destination where your employees can make a difference. Bring your staff and foster team-building as they serve together!


If you are booking a visit for 30 or more people, please fill out the contact form before you purchase tickets to receive the group rate and help us plan your visit. A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours.

Questions? (818) 979-7090
"You never know what God is going to do in your community unless you go out and do it. So make a God moment and see what God can do."

- Pastor Danny Garza, Freedom Church
"We have so much, which gives us more ways to serve people in need."

- Molly (10 years old), Poverty Encounter Guest
"Poverty Encounter does an excellent job of explaining what the world looks like outside our little bubble."

-Laura Taglier, Poverty Encounter Guest
"Poverty Encounter helps you to grasp a little bit of someone else's reality. It's unlike anything you see on TV. It's important to help young people start to care and feel more."

- Sandra Ruben, Poverty Encounter Guest
This was an amazing experience. Highly recommended for everyone, especially with parents who want to teach their kids about poverty in a tangible way. This was like going on a short-term mission trip. We’ll be telling people about this.

- Rasmik, Poverty Encounter Guest
This has helped me to start paying more attention to people in need and to be grateful for what I have.

- Molly, 5th grade student
It was an amazing experience for my 4th grade students to step out of the comfortable world they know and experience life in poverty.

- Mrs. Graham, 4th grade teacher
Every child living in America needs to go through this exhibit.

- Mr. Craig, teacher
Poverty Encounter helps you grasp a little bit of someone else’s reality. It’s unlike anything you see on TV. It’s important to help young people to start to care and feel more.

- Sandra R., parent
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