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Located within Children’s Hunger Fund, Poverty Encounter is a 16,000 square foot exhibit that takes you into four immersive environments in the developing world. Each environment highlights the story of a real child living in these circumstances. Onsite tours include a service activity, allowing you to respond biblically by providing both help and hope to those in need.


After “boarding a plane” in a simulated flight, guests will then be guided through four different immersive environments of poverty: a garbage dump in Guatemala, the earthquake damaged the streets of Haiti, a brickyard in Nepal, and an underground sewer in Romania.


At Poverty Encounter, guests hear from Bruno as he shares what it is like to live and work in an open dumpsite. Jasmine describes how her entire life changed in just 35 seconds after a 7.0 earthquake destroyed her city.  Abiral explains how a brickyard trapped his family in a cycle of bonded labor. Hear how these children find hope despite these difficult circumstances and learn how families are being cared for through the work of the local church.


Since opening in December 2018, Poverty Encounter guests have made a huge impact on the lives of those living in poverty.


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Poverty Encounter is an initiative of Children’s Hunger Fund. There are many ways to get involved and support the ministry! Whether you collect coins through Project Coin Pak, fill boxes with food through Project Food Pak, or volunteer at our facility in Los Angeles, Dallas, or San Antonio, we are grateful for your hearts to serve children in need!


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Dave Phillips founded Children’s Hunger Fund in 1991 to equip local churches around the world for gospel-centered mercy ministry.  Poverty Encounter was inspired by his desire to develop an experience where every child in America might be able to witness, even on a small scale, what millions of children around the world face each day. Poverty Encounter opened at the Los Angeles distribution center in December 2018.
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